So what’s it to be?

Thai, Malaysian, Japanese, Singapore or Korean? How about a combination of all five?

Tuk Tuk Pan Asian

The Ultimate Pan Asian food experience delivered to your door.

Enjoy the flavours of Pan Asian food like no other. Our food is exceptional. Its bold and fresh. We combine the finest influences from the very best oriental kitchens.


Tuk Tuk Pan Asian brings together an exciting mix of panasian tradition with a dash of the contemporary. The result? A unique coming together of sublime flavours and textures.


Just close your eyes for a second.

Think Tokyo Tempura served with Spicy Mayo and Togarashi Seasoning.
Feast your imaginary palate on the delights of Fiery Siracha Chicken bites.
How do you fancy Masaman – a creamy coconut curry with tamarind, turmeric, crispy shallots, potato and fresh basil?
Or for something completely different – Rendang – a slow-cooked Indonesian dry & fragrant curry dish – complex, rich and nutty with a toasted coconut-based sauce.

We got Vegan covered!

Are you looking for vegetarian, vegan or gluten free? No problem. Ever creative, we’ll always adapt our dishes to accommodate your preferences.

Don’t forget desserts & drinks

Ice Cream Mochi, Nutella & Banana Spring Rolls, Cheesecakes, Jude's Ice Cream and more! You will definitely find your pleaser.

years of experience

What’s the secret?

There isn’t one. It's about using premium quality fresh ingredients to create delicious pan asian food, simple. And behind the beautiful and delicate flavours of the Tuk Tuk experience, lie years of asian culinary expertise and a profound and intimate knowledge of the traditions of panasian cooking from our chefs.

Delivered to your door

Where do you live? Sandhust? Rickmansworth? Lucky you! You’ll be enjoying the Tuk Tuk pan asian fusion experience in a matter of minutes. We deliver to your doorsteps.

Our mission

The Tuk Tuk mission

It’s our mission to deliver to you the very best panasian food experience. We want you to become as big a fan of Asian cuisine as we are.


Let’s acknowledge the fantastic progress made by the early pioneers of the food takeaway industry. But time has changed now and your palate is more sophisticated. The salty, sticky taste and texture of monosodium glutamate has lost its appeal.


So we say no to MSG and any artifical flavour enhancers. We are about fresh and quality ingredients, excellent service and of course your satisfaction!


You demand the best – the best choice, the best flavours, the best ingredients and, of course, the best service.

All of this you demand. And our mission is to deliver!